Introduction to the APIs

The Qover system is build around 2 main objects: drafts and contract.


A draft is an object that is used to store the data during the sales process. A draft has no binding value. The purpose is to facilitate the full sales life cycle and to enable different business models. At the end of the sales cycle, a draft is converted into a contract.

Any integration with the Qover APIs starts with the draft. Each product has 3 end points for a draft

  • Create a draft: Initial creation of a draft. In return, A draft is created and a draftId is returned.
  • Update a draft: Update a given draftId
  • Read a draft: Retrieve a given draftId

On a draft, different actions can take place. Each action serves a specific purpose in the operating model

  • Price Request: This creates in our system a price request. This request is logged and stays valid for a defined period or until a next price request is made.

  • UserTerms: Via this method, you can recover the legal terms that an end user needs to accept before the actual purchase can take place. The system also returns a token that you need to provide back to us upon conversion

  • ToContract: This method converts a draft into a contract. You need to provide to the Qover API the Terms reference you used to show to the client as well as the payment method of your choice (The commercial agreement between Qover and you will state how the collection of insurance premiums will take place. In function of this agreement, a series of B2B payment methods are available to you). Your client will receive a customised email with his contract.

The following are optional services that are available on a draft. This depends on the product and the country.

  • Send Lead: Via this method you can send a personalized message to the prospect. This message can be customized with your colors, logo and copy. In the message, there is a link to the Qover white label flow. The prospect can continue the flow on this customized website and make the payment. Currently, email is supported.
  • Teaser: This allows you to create a teaser PDF. This is a document that highlights the main features of the document and reminds the client that he has received a lead Email. Refferal ?


A contract is a representation of a binding agreement between the policyholder and the insurer. It states the product and specific terms of the insurance.

At this time, only a Read contract is possible.

Internally at Qover, we already have the APIs to do cancel and amend operations on a contract. These features are for now reserved for our Ninja Office. These features are coming soon to the dashboard so you can use these as well.